Cerro Quinini Nature Reserve


  • Birding trip Cerro Quinini Nature Reserve
  • Starting city: Bogotá D.C. Ending city: Bogotá D.C.
  • Transportation: The roads are mostly good along this trip. We will use (4 by 4) Note: Good opportunities for bird photography’s
  • Cold weather Cerro Quinini Nature Reserve Clothing: Jacket, cap, trekking shoes




We will depart to Cerro Quinini at the 4:30am. This incredible place is located only two hours away from Bogota. Cerro del quinini is located in the jurisdiction of the municipality of Tibacuy, Cundinamarca department, with an approximate extension of 18 square kilometers, of native forests and a great variety of flora and fauna, just two and a half hours away from Bogotá, is located south west of the department of Cundinamarca between the municipalities of Viotá, Tibacuy, Cumaca and Nilo. It is part of the biogeographic district of “western cloud forests of the eastern ridge”. It has altitudes ranging from 1750 m.s.n.m. Up to 2133 m.s.n.m at (warm weather) its Summit were is observed to the west the valley of the Magdalena river.

Moustached Brush Finch

Moustached Brush Finch

Is possible to observe inside Cerro Quinini Nature Reserve: Colombian Chachalaca, Andean Guan, Cattle Egret, Bare-faced Ibis, Black Vulture, Turkey Vulture, White-tailed Kite, Black Hawk-Eagle, Snail Kite, Roadside Hawk, Gray-lined Hawk, Broad- winged Hawk, Rock Pigeon, Pale-vented Pigeon, Band-tailed Pigeon, Plain-breasted Ground-Dove, Ruddy Ground-Dove, Orange-chinned Parakeet, Orange-winged Parrot, Spectacled Parrotlet, Barred Antshrike, Bar-crested Antshrike, Black-crowned Antshrike, Plain Antvireo, White-flanked Antwren, White-fringed Antwren, Dusky Antbird, Jet Antbird, White-bellied Antbird, Blue-lored Antbird, Chestnut- crowned Antpitta, Olivaceous Woodcreeper, Wedge-billed Woodcreeper, Cocoa Woodcreeper, Olive-backed Woodcreeper, Red-billed Scythebill, Streak-headed Woodcreeper, Montane Woodcreeper, Plain Xenops, Streaked Xenops, Greater Ani, Smooth-billed Ani, Striped Cuckoo, Squirrel Cuckoo, Chestnut-collared Swift, White- collared Swift, several Tyrant Flycatchers like Elaenias, Tyrannulets, and Allies. Black-collared Jay, House Wren, Band-backed Wren, Black-bellied Wren and many more birds!!!

Endemic Birds: Turquoise Dacnis, Apical Flycatcher

Apical Flycatcher

Apical Flycatcher

Near-Endemic Birds: Scrub Tanager

Other target birds: White-necked Jacobin, Rufous- breasted Hermit, Green Hermit, Pale-bellied Hermit Green-fronted Lancebill, Lesser Violetear, Sparkling Violetear, Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, Black-throated Mango, Wire-crested Thorntail, Booted Racket-tail, White-bellied Woodstar, Gorgeted Woodstar, Gray- headed Tanager, White-lined Tanager, Crimson- backed Tanager, Fawn-breasted Tanager, Blue- gray Tanager, Palm Tanager, Black-capped Tanager, Blue-necked Tanager, Beryl-spangled Tanager, Bay-headed Tanager, Blue Dacnis, Buff- throated Saltator, Black-winged Saltator, Streaked Saltator, Thick-billed Euphonia and many more.


Moustached Puffbird, Malacoptila mystacalis

Moustached Puffbird (Malacoptila mystacalis)

We will stop for a moment to have lunch on the way. Lunch will be packed. Then we will continue with the Birding in Cerro Quinini Nature Reserve.

Return to Bogota D.C. in the afternoon.